Aloe Kesar


Benefits of Aloe Kesar Drink

  • Strong Digestion  

Aloe vera- If you are suffering from severe constipation and favor some thing natural to deal with it, aloe vera should be right option.
Kesar – It is recognized for its efficacy in treating upset stomachs and flatulence. Helps in managing enlarged liver and spleen.It is additionally an anti-spasmic agent, and assist treatment constipation and bloating from a variety of causes.

  • Skin/ Helps in delaying the ageing process

Aloe Vera treats acne,acts as a moisturiser and fights growing old of skin. Aloe Vera has been a foremost element in many skin products that help in maintaining youthfulness through healthier skin. The element of aloe vera in any skin product enhances its feature as a wrinkle fader, pores and skin rejuvenator. The anti-aging properties work on the skin and maintains it fresh, supple, wrinkle-free and bright look. Aloe Vera properties make it penetrate rapidly inside the quite a number layers of the skin, even down to the muscle tissues of the body.

Kesar – Antioxidants existing in it has anti-aging properties; thus, retaining the pores and skin supple and radiant. Topical properties of saffron can additionally whiten the skin, forestall acne, and fade scars, dark spots, and other skin blemishes. Saffron also has diet B2 which helps to heal chapped lips.

  • Promotes Hair Growth/prevents hair fall

Aloe vera has tested to be a wonderful choice for promoting hair growth naturally. It works on the complete scalp and hair to treat hair loss. It has an enzyme that is really helpful in stimulating hair growth. Aloe vera improves blood circulation and maintains  proper hair growth. Regular intake, helps to prevent the disturbing trouble of untimely hair loss.

Kesar – It helps forestall hair from falling by means of strengthening each strand from root to tip. Saffron combined with licorice milk is an excellent hair tonic in treating alopecia and inducing hair increase at a faster rate. Saffron is additionally believed to enhance blood waft to the follicles, allowing larger delivery of nutrients and oxygen.

  • Heart Health/Cholesterol Control
    Saffron is wealthy in potassium, a key component in preserving a wholesome heart. Potassium dilates blood vessels and arteries, permitting blood stress to decrease; thereby preventing atherosclerosis, coronary heart attacks, and strokes. Moreover, saffron incorporates crocetin, a compound with the capability to modify ldl cholesterol levels, making it an extraordinarily versatile spice for the wellness of your heart.

Other Benefits –


  • Obesity
  • Tiredness,Weakness,Low Energy
  • Joint Pain, Gout
  • Immunity Increase
  • Detoxification
  • Pimples,Acne,Blemishes,Wrinkle and Skin Problems
  • Digestion
  • Cholesterol Control