5 Tulsi


A powerful and potent herb used extensively both in Ayurvedic scientific and folk medicine, Tulsi, or holy tulsi, is considered a cleaner of the mind, body, and spirit. Tulsi has an exclusive region in Hindu courtyards across India, the place it is planted for its auspicious and shielding powers. Its unique combo of medicinal and fragrant features have earned this sharp, clean herbaceous-minty drops the title “Elixir of Life”. With powerful therapeutic benefits, our combo of tulsi drops are multipurpose in healing properties

This effective tulsi has been used for centuries and is cherished for its shielding and uplifting nature. Tulsi, that means “the incomparable one”, is notion to embody a purifying radiance that refines body, mind and spirit. Tulsi fully boosts vitality and can be used every day to hold resilient health. When diffused, Tulsi will promote vitality for the complete household and must consequently constantly be on hand, especially when the young people grow to be congested. Reminiscent of freshly reduce tulsi, Tulsi’s unique heady scent traits are spicy, sweet and herbaceous-minty, with a stated warm, clove-like accent. Its outcomes are warming, clarifying and uplifting.


Tulsi advantage for health:

Tulsi drops anti-inflammatory property makes it a top-notch skin treatment for irritations, small wounds, and sores. It has a soothing and enjoyable effect that helps whilst dealing with eczema. Tulsi drops incorporates nutrition C that boosts pores and skin cells metabolism. It continues the pores and skin collagen, which is accountable for dermis layer and its elasticity. It helps in a curing and treating headache, cough and cold, migraine, malaria, constipation along with many other ailments. Provides multiple health benefits.

Some of core benefits of HealthHerbals 5 Tulsi are –

  • Tulsi works as a muscle relaxant with acknowledged analgesic properties, steam from the plant can be harnessed as a gentle treatment for headaches induced by way of muscle tension.
  • Tulsi is viewed aa a superlative medication in Ayurveda and is used to treat asthma, bronchitis, cough and cold. Tulsi increases your immunity and fights towards infections. The integral properties in Tulsi not only ease wet or productive cough and assist in expectoration but also soothe dry cough.
  • Drinking HealthHerbals 5 Tulsi drops in water is one of the best treatment for denguefever and chikungunya.
  • Tulsi is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antidepressive. It is used to treat acne and scars, skin infections, lighten dark spots, and improve skin texture.
  • Tulsi also soothes the stomach and stimulates the digestive system. Use HealthHerbals 5 Tulsi for relieving  Natural Way to ease up

All to benefits of Tulsi are within your reach with HealthHerbals 5 Tulsi.