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Magnifine Health Herbals Solutions Pvt. Limited
established in 2016, HealthHerbalsTM is renowned
name in Herbals, food & Nutrition Products.

Magnifine Health Herbals Solutions Pvt. Limited established in 2016, HealthHerbalsTM is renowned name in Herbals, food & Nutrition Products. Company currently has 30 offices in different cities of India.. Our aims to provide people with an opportunity to start their own business and be their own Boss. In a short span, Health Herbals has grown and become leading company in India that produces herbal products that are approved by Ayurveda Drug Department and Government of Punjab and are 100% vegan. 
The goal of HealthHerbalsTM is to promote Swadeshi products in the domestic and International market via his own Network and eliminate the role of middlemen. By promoting Herbal Products Company aims to bring back the century’s old science of Ayurveda that holds the secrets of disease-free life by consuming medicines made of organic and natural herbs.
These Ayurvedic Products do not have any side effects and can heal even the most deadly diseases. Secondly,HealthHerbalsTM aims to make everyone self-employed by giving them a tool in hand to start their own business without any investment. Company provides products & business education in more than 30 cities of India which is absolutely free & thus company has been achieving remarkable growth.
It will not only help the people to start their own business but by eliminating middlemen the price of the commodity will also decrease and the business associates need not share their profits with middlemen. Of course one also gets freedom and flexibility to work according to his style and preferences. Keeping these benefits in mind HealthHerbalsTM was incorporated and has been tirelessly working to fulfill their vision,” to promote Indigenous and Eco-friendly Products and preserve the natural resources of the country.”

Meet Our Team

A person with kind nature Mr JAGMEET SINGH (Born—Village Kanija, Dist. Ludhiana, Punjab), having 20 years’ experience of Marketing working as business coach with Health Herbals. He has been conducted 200 trainings programs on various topics and has trained many business leaders. He is certified trainer from JCI (Junior Chamber International). Besides training field he is good business consultant.


Management Adviser

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination & hard work”. This phrase suits to Mrs S.D. Padam .She hails from a village Phambian in Hoshiarpur Punjab (INDIA). Mrs. S.D.Padam has great leadership quality and due to his dedication and persistence in work company is growing and getting success. She has taken a vision to empower youth and give them unique business opportunity to making career. She has proven herself that Female has a power to lead the world.



A Person with great personality and full of Energy Mr. Charanjit Singh (Born –Village Gandhran, near Nakoder Dist. Jalandhar (Punjab). He has been worked as business coach and motivator. He has trained many business leaders and has achieved many achievements in direct selling. Now he is playing a vital role in HealthHerbal as
Executive director


Executive Director


Healtherbals helps you get the benefits of holistic health and complete wellness from the comfort of your home; we present to you a Range of Ayurveda products made with enriching mix of classical Ayurveda and modern refinement processes by experts. elect from a variety of products that suits your requirement as a person who wants to remain fit or require support in treating various physical ailments and symptoms.
Watch how easy it is to get results from products, which demystify the potent healing capacity of Ayurveda, the science of life and get you on fast track to health improvements in your life as you start understanding different aspects of your health and personality through Ayurveda concepts.
Right from healing/treating various physical ailments to improving your overall health, Healtherbal will enhance how you live life. Here’s an overview of our range of products that helps you stay super fit. Keep an eye out on this page – we frequently launch new products on a variety of topics!

Use them now to…

  • Heal your body without taking toxic drugs and submitting to senseless surgeries
  • Erase or reduce the visible and invisible signs of aging.
  • Repair the damage done by stress, pollution, neglect, and even heredity.
  • Supercharge your body’s natural healing power.
  • Take positive, powerful control of your body like never before that too natural way without synthetic supplements.
  • Stop draining your hard-earned money and life’s savings on products that don’t in making you healthy.

”Client satisfaction is our prime focus”, we research on every aspect of the product as we ensure the highest quality in our products & services because. These organic health & beauty care and dietary shield based products are adapted for the health, wellness and nutritional benefits of any family.